About us

Tasked with solving issues around reporting and analytics, the team

  • creates suite of reports to enable better management of the school’s sponsored portfolio;
  • maintains and improves existing reports to provide timely insights into the changing nature of the business; and
  • develops meaningful metrics that inspire innovative conversations.

* Moreover, we are responsible for initiating conversations and finding system solutions that will optimally

  • reduce administrative burdens and waste,
  • improve current services and business processes,
  • deliver efficient compliance, and
  • transform HMS into a community armed with next century data skills.

* Note: We are a LEAN trained office and proactively use LEAN methods and approaches to tackle issues in our work environment.

  • Request a sponsored data report

    To request a report please contact Ivona Jukic. A conversation about a report can strech for a prolonged period while we fine-tune the report to your true needs. Additional reports are available for instant download through OBI. Please make sure to check OBI often for updated and new reports..