Our Mission: The HMS Subrecipient Monitoring Committee is dedicated to helping the sponsored research community comply with federal regulations and university policies that govern subrecipient monitoring.

The School is required by policy to:

  • Establish a school/local Subrecipient Monitoring Subcommittee or equivalent process to work with PIs and department/local level managing units to resolve issues on subawards as they arise and escalate to University Subrecipient Monitoring Committee if issues continue or cannot be resolved
  • Coordinate subaward monitoring at the school level
  • Provide records of quarterly subaward monitoring of individual subawards and report material issues noted during the reviews to the University Subrecipient Monitoring Committee (USMC)

The Committee supports departments with the following activities:

  • Providing input on subrecipient monitoring plans upon request;
  • Developing tools and guidance documents to facilitate risk assessment and ongoing monitoring;
  • Escalation of concerns relating to subrecipients to the University-wide Subrecipient Monitoring Committee;
  • Providing consistent answers to subrecipient monitoring questions by obtaining input from relevant Longwood representatives.
  • Provide education and outreach;
  • Advise on policy and process upon request

If you need a risk assessment performed on a new subrecipient that has not previously received a subaward from Harvard, please contact SPAContracts@hms.harvard.edu

HMS Subrecipient Monitoring Committee

  • Standing Committee Members

    • Chair: Melissa Maher, Associate Director, Grants & Contracts, HMS Representative to University-wide Subrecipient Monitoring Committee
    • Rita Bergemann, Director of Research Finance, HMS co-Chair of University-wide Subrecipient Monitoring Committee
    • Mark O’Brien, Project Manager, Office of Research Administration
    • Susan Cohn-Child, Grants and Contracts Officer, Office of Research Administration
    • Sivan Ehrlich, Grants and Contracts Coordinator, Office of Research Administration
  • Department Members

    1-Year Term
    • Sunny Alvear, Director of Finance, Biomedical Informatics (DBMI)
    • Steven Dawson, Research Administrator, Neurobiology
    • Victoria Nguyen, Senior Grants Manager, Genetics
    • Brittainy Roth, Grant Manager, Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS)
    • John Serpico, Senior Manager, Grants and Finance, Center for Primary Care