Research Management Meeting

Research Management Meeting University

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (1:00-2:00 PM)

  • Welcome
    • Sarah T Axelrod, Rachel Cahoon
  • New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy
    • Melissa Korf, Julie Goldman, Rachel Talentino
  • Research Teams
    • Kelly Evans
  • HUIT/ATS Updates 
    • Simone Alpen
  • Faculty Disclosure Website Update
    • Tracey Westervelt
  • New NIH Harassment Reporting Policy
    • Sarah T. Axelrod

Registration is required in advance.

The Research Management Meeting is a bi-monthly webinar style information dissemination meeting open to everyone within the sponsored research administrative community at Harvard. Topics include federal updates from the Harvard DC office, updates on policies, committee work, and systems, and information relating to the federal awarding agencies. Meetings are open to all  colleagues across schools in the research administration community. Questions or suggestions? Contact Christina Kennedy