About us

The ORA Transformational Awards Team provides the HMS and HSDM community with a number of services related to the submission of abstracts and proposals, the negotiation of agreements and subagreements, and post-award financial management for awards and subawards funded by ARPA-H. To request assistance, reach out to the Associate Director of Transformational Awards Jonathan Eaton.

The team supports projects funded by ARPA-H from the initial abstract stage throughout the life of the project:

  • Prepares, reviews, and submits abstracts and proposals for new funding (new, renewal, and supplement requests) both directly to ARPA-H and for subawards
  • Reviews, negotiates, and signs incoming award agreements and outgoing subaward agreements
  • Prepares, reviews, and submits the administrative and financial components of progress reports
  • Prepares, reviews, and submits requests for sponsor prior approval
  • Reviews, negotiates, and signs incoming award agreements
  • Coordinates setup and maintenance of sponsored award accounts
  • Provides post-award financial management of funded awards and subawards
  • Drafts, negotiates, and signs other research-related agreements, such as data use agreements, unfunded collaboration agreements, and others, as needed to support the ARPA-H funded projects
  • Assists with administrative and financial portions of award close-out
  • Interprets award and agreement terms and assists with questions and issues arising through the lifecycle
Jonathan Eaton

Jonathan Eaton

Associate Director, Transformational Awards


Alex Goldman

Alex Goldman

Proposal Development Officer