Research Security Team

The Research Security Team provides support to the HMS community with reviews related to:

  • International shipments or hand carries of research materials;
  • H1-B/O-1 Deemed Export Control Certification forms;
  • Specially Designated National (SDN) screens and resolution of potential positive matches (or “hits”)
  • International collaborators prior to initiating the collaboration;
  • International travel to, collaborations with, or other activities involving comprehensively sanctioned countries;
  • New international vendors or sponsors;
  • New field research at an international site;
  • Existing outside activity agreements for inclusion in and/or attachment to Other Support;
  • Addition of foreign components; and
  • Any other international collaboration related questions or activities where you are unsure if there may be an export control or research security related concern.

The International Collaborations inbox is the regularly monitored by the ORA Research Security Team. Emailing your inquiry to is the most effective way for ORA to assign a member of the team to assist you or help triage your inquiry to another ORA team member for follow-up.