Save the Date: Research Administrators Open Forum

Friday, November 17th 

The Open Forum, highlighting the HMS Research Administration Assessment, has been rescheduled to Friday, November 17th (11:00 - Noon EST). The Huron Consulting Group will present a high-level report in a Zoom webinar-style format and project sponsors will be joining. Please register in advance to receive the link.

During the summer of 2023, the Office of Research & Administration (ORA), the Office of Finance, and the Office of Human Resources sponsored an engagement with Huron to conduct a focused evaluation of the model and infrastructure supporting research administration and operations. We sought recommendations to enhance our ability to attract, develop, and retain research administrators within HMS, while increasing efficiency and mitigating compliance risks.  
We appreciate the support, efforts and many hours that the Project Advisory Group (PAG) devoted to this initiative: 

  • Derek Barton (Director of Finance & Administration, Systems Bio)  
  • KCB/Kyungah Benedetti (Director of Finance & Administration, BCMP)  
  • Will Helmrath (Senior Research Administrator, Neuro) 
  • Lydia Hill (Research Administration Support Services, ORA)  
  • Simone Leary (HMS Chief of Human Resources) 
  • Gentiana Pambuku (Assistant Director of Finance, Cell Bio)  
  • Trisha Sardesai (Director of Finance & Administration, Microbiology)  
  • Jennie Staples (Director of Academic Compensation, HMS HR)  
  • Jen Grandfield (Associate Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, HMS Finance 
  • Julie Joncas (Chief Financial Officer, HMS Finance) 

We were also fortunate to have a very high level of engagement throughout HMS. Thank you to the many staff, faculty, department representatives and stakeholders who participated through surveys, interviews, focus groups and data analysis. Huron also conducted insightful benchmarking interviews with several peer institutions.

The 11/17 Open Forum will be an opportunity for the community to hear a summary report of the assessment. Reach out to Christina Kennedy, ORA Strategic Projects Manager, with any questions.